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My portable setup while i’m living at my sisters.

Rebranded NuMark DJ2GO (Modified jog wheels to be buttons too, just mean i lost the enter/back buttons but didnt use them anyway, gives me touch sensitive jog’s, sensitivy turned right down and they work on a par with a CDJ800′s jog)
Behringer VMX200 Mixer (Modified a USB port to the rear panel so my audio card is now actually built into the mixer, plan is to disconnect the line-in ports and wire them into the audio interface, turning it into a USB mixer, yum!)
Pretty beefy Hi-Fi setup, 2x 500watt speakers, and a nice big sub for the bass i love so much, i like to make things rumble :)
19″ LCD

Software wise I use Traktor 2 and Ableton 8, i run sends from VMX into onboard line-in, which i feed into Ableton and then route it back out into the return line.

Abletons pretty sweet as an effects rack :D