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Update! I just found out that she got more tests done and now they are saying there is NO cancer! What??? Really??? I can hardly believe it!

..and I double checked with her, asking last time, did the doctor say you did have leukemia, or might have it? She said, positively sure that the doctor told her that she DID have leukemia, and that she has to start chemo soon. Before they can start chemo they need to do more tests, and this is what I am saying, the tests now say she DOES NOT have leukemia. Thank God!

All of this took place over about 3 weeks, from having it to not having it. Now, I remember when I was praying, praying long and hard about it, I felt like God was giving me a positive feeling about it. So was this a miracle?

I don’t know if the tests are 100% accurate, so cannot say for sure right now, if the first test could have been some kind of mistake. Or, did she really have it and now God healed her? I did pray for God to heal her, and God can surely work miracles.

Thank you everyone for praying for her. She still needs to accept Christ as her savior. The spiritual healing is much more important than the physical healing. So, could you please keep praying for that, that she can be saved.

Any comments on this? Was this a miracle??