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i wonder if being a federal LEO and having Obama in office are reasons enough for me to apply for my class 3 lisence……so i can go pick up some auto weapons!!! i’m having a guy down here build me and m4….better do it sooner than later now….

the other thing i was thinking about today….Obama can take our guns away (try), he can allow gay marriage, abortion, and disolve our borders (thank God i’m going to the FBI so i’ll still have a job) but he can never take my God away from me (maybe away from our country) and he can never change my God’s will…..this earth will pass away someday, Obama or not, and this is now an opportunity for me to spend a little EXTRA time in prayer everyday….so thats good.

oh one last thought, my wife told me last night, when the persecution of Christian’s starts to increase…..so does our growth as the church!!!!

Be encouraged, Obama doesn’t hold our lives in his hands….