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yea i like it too.

DieselBoy was actually one of the first DJs I loved when I started listening this music when I was a kid bout 10 years ago. Dara and AK also were in my repertoire. I loved their music as well. Now as a Christian and a changed man I pray for them so they can be saved as well as I and that they have the courage to accept Christ publicly and become a God’s DJ. Conversions like those give great testimonies and many followers also come to the Lord for salvation. Have seen it here in Puerto Rico with a big star in the Reggeaton genre which is the most sounded music down here and hundreds accepted Christ at his last concert when he finally had the courage to sing for the lord and expressed how lonely and empty he had felt during his multimillion dollar career and how content he is now with less people around him but The Big One behind him like he says.