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Hey Hosea
I hope that you can be comforted in this:
Sometimes we grow up in a christianity taht will not allow us to make mistakes.
Sometimes we grow up believeing that God will not forgive or somehow use those “mistakes.”
First be sure your heart is Set on Glorifying Jesus and Loving People.
If you are sure your heart is to do those things…your hearts desires will surely be what the Lord wants.
Follow what the Holy spirit is wanting you to do!
If it makes you happy, if it lifts up others do it!

If you make a mistake, the Lord can use it. Dont worry
Dont Fret about this too much

Solomon asked for wisdom and he got it.
int the book of James 1:5 it says that if we ain’t wise, to ask the one who is so we can be wise!!

dont fret.
dive in
make mistakes.