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@ecliptik wrote:

I had a very Merry Christmas this year… however, with finding out my Ustream videos got deleted somehow, and other matters invading my mind today… I feel like the burden is on my shoulders again.

I ask that you guys/gals would help me pray for peace, even though things may look grim in the present, that they are subject to change to the paradignm shift of the kindom of God for the future. My faith is being tested again, so I pray that I may endure with renewed strength, still standing, not by the gnashing of teeth.

Thank you all for your prayers, we love and cherish you all,
Eric & Donna Jeter

May the Lord bring peace to your heart and soul . May the Lord take you through each day and ease your mind and spirit giving you strength to overtake any obstacles and difficulties of this life. In the name of our beloved Jesus Christ. Amen