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My 2 cents:

Reason is amazing. I love it. I love the endless abilities to combine and route sound with the patching concept/functionality. I feel like you can do anything with it… except of course work with audio tracks or vsts…

So thats the problem. I have been using Record+Reason now and I really like it. One thing I did not like in Reason was the mixer. Record adds major depth in this area. It creates an “audio” device for each “track” now. You can also record audio and import straight wav files no more Recycle required.

The big drawback of course is no VST’s. I have to imagine that someday Record will break down and support this, but still no in V1.5

I think Ableton is pretty awesome. I have the LE version that came with my Midi controller. The thing is Ableton on its own isn’t going to get you very far. You still need to go get all the synth’s some free some buy, etc. So its like if you really want to be able to use any VST synths you ned to go with an Ableton, but if you want instant Super Powers on Day one then I’d go Reason.

There are zillions of refills that people have create with amazing synth presets that you can get for free or pay for.

Oh and PS Reason 5 looks ridiculous, too bad I’m too broke to have upgraded yet.

I think what you really have to think about is what yur goal is.

If you plan to use a lot of samples, loops, etc then I’d go Ableton for sure.

If you want to be able to really tweak out and create your own unique sounds then Reason.

Anyway sorry for the long ramble.