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Try the demos. :geek: watch some tutorials on how they are used. then we can discuss. All three programs are different onto themselves. Logic is more a basic multi-track program like Cubase and Pro Tools. Ableton has a multi-track view called Arrangement but also has a view called Session. Where you can develop loop clips of audio or midi to arrange into a song in Arrangement or use them in Live performance.

But reason I say try the demos is to see what workflow suits you best. Personally I’ve done well using Pro Tools and Ableton, but been leaning back to Ableton for its ease of use for editing down loop samples and such. Pro Tools is like Logic where you arrange midi lanes and can block them into loops. Then the audio is edited and made into loopable blocks for arrangement later with the midi.

Reason, I’ve never liked the sequencer in the program, I know how to use it but find other programs easier to arrange in. Reason is good for rewiring into a host program but even other people don’t like rewiring.