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you might check out the daw thread that I did


If you want cheap and an all around deal reason is great. it does nice sound for 300. You might check sweetwater.com for prices. They are the biggest recording retailer in the US. I would not want Reason because it does not do VST or AU to my knowledge, which is probably one reason, I would not want it. Did you notice the play on words in the last sentence? Anyway, the best sounds come from external plugins, so I would go Logic or Ableton. If I was to choose, I would pick Ableton because of the opportunities to work with it in a Live situation. I think Live would be better for making more abstract music like glitch hop and ambient music or IDM. I think that the sound mangling opportunities far surpasses logic. Logic does come with other cool applications though. Maybe both is the solution, but pick one to start out with. Live also can be bundled with Max, which opens doors of creativity.