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um. ok. so when did you try Ableton?

I’ve tried the demo. It seems cool from what I’ve used. The plugin layout at the bottom is a lot like Renoise. It’s cool

does anyone know much about cubase

I have Cubase 5 and it has some cool plugins. I got it for more of pop or production that would need lots of audio. I would recommend this program if you were planning on recording seriously (i.e. drums, vocals, bass, keys, and such instead of using synths, but this wouldn’t really happen in EDM on a regular basis, at least for trance) If you have fl studio, I would recommend just learning that program. It’s made for beats.

Guys I would recommend keeping and working with FL Studio if you have the producers or larger version and get to know how to produce instead of looking at what DAWs to buy. By the time it would take to learn Cubase or Ableton you could probably have a lot of knowledge about FL Studio and made like 5 tracks in the process. Also DAWs can be a never ending money eater if you let it. Update costs and all for multiple daws can add up to be a lot, and at least FL Studio has free upgrades for life. Instead of spending a lot of money on daws for EDM productio, at least if you have one geared towards beat production, I would recommend instead to look at buying top notch plugins. These include synths, convolution reverbs, eqs, and compressors and the like.