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Pro-Tools- starts at $300 for interface and software and goes up to thousands of dollars (have to use pro-tools interface or some models of MOTU support pro-tools M-Powered). Keep in mind to get good plugins at least for version 7 you would have to spend hundreds of dollars to start getting professional plugins (my dad spent $1,000 to get the needed plugins). I personally think this is stupid especially for what you pay for. Many other interfaces offer better quality for a cheaper price. This is probably the industry standard in America for professional studios, but if you are looking to make beats I would not go for this software. Then again I’ve only tried version 7. Version 8 came out and is suppose to have a lot more plugins and instruments. You also need certain hardware on your computer to make sure it is compatible.

my only beef with Pro Tools is being proprietary with their interfaces. Well least with LE and M-Powered. PT HD, the cards are capable of hooking up with other high end brand interfaces. Right now I don’t do hardly any external recording, but if I did, this would be an issue. I found Digidesign LE interfaces to be good, but looking at getting an Apogee one in the future. With that I would need to either switch programs or go HD or have my 002 modified by Black Lion Audio.

Also, you gotta remember prior to version 7, it was mainly used as a multi-track and audio editing program. It came with standard plug-ins and let people pick and choose the ones they want to get and use with it. I, personally, bought it during version 6 and for little bit more got the Factory Bundle that came with like thousand dollars worth of plug-ins.

With version 8, its up to speed and comes ready with good basic plug-ins like most programs out there now.

Software wise, it is really easy to use and better than Cubase and Logic (until Logic 8) to navigate. With Logic 8, think they’re about the same now.