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true that alejandro… theres plenty bigshots out there that even still use modplug to make their tracks with and it sounds better then some stuff produced with logic or cubase.

got FL Studio 8.0.0XXL and modplug, soundforge pro 10 for mastering. Shitloads of vst’s and plugins but not using to many of them. Do ave em just incase haha :) either way, gotta love these simple small DAWs. install it on ya laptop nd in your studio or even your home pc and it barely takes space or sucks up memory. You can produce where ever you are. Used to make something at home, put it on ma laptop, take the bus or train to the studios and work on it meanwhile, arrive there nd finish and master it. Not much time wasted :) the results are just as good as working in a big studio all the time with expensive stuff around ya. Hardware gear is there just to simplefy what software can do already if you ask me.