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What do you guys use to produce music? I tried FL Studio, its just so darn hard, I see most DJs use synths and alot of equipment but I need something I use only on my PC.

I was thinking Dance Ejay 7 but it seems kinda cheesy-ish and not something to really produce good music, correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks for any and all input!

God bless!!!

Hey!! I’m a trance producer, and in my experience after working with Reason, Pro Tools 8 & Ableton Live 8, I hands down have to go with Ableton Live 8. The vocal chopping, and editing effects are simple but very diverse with a wide range of stuff to give you many different sounds. Unless you have a lot of plug-ins for Pro-Tools 8 (which most of the plug-ins for Pro-Tools, can get really pricey) it isn’t worth it, in terms of vocals. Ableton allows the vocals to be edited however you need with the Live Version, so it is worth more money to have it all right there, opposed to buying plug-in after plug-in like Pro-Tools. In my experience, vocals have been the biggest difference between the two programs, however for synth manipulation I would say they are pretty equal in my experience.

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