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Actually you really do not need a mac. I’ve been using a pc machine for my tracks, and I can make music at half or a third of the price of a mac for the same specs. I personally don’t care for Logic 8. Logic 8 has a lot of cool plugins included, but for guys like me, I would rather use third party stuff that sounds better. To get the best sound quality, you need to go with third party. Logic is great though for getting an all in one bundle. Seriously though, if some of you guys are thinking of Mac vs. PC. I would seriously suggest PC over Mac, unless you can get a great deal on a used Mac pro or something like that. For the same price of the Mac Pro’s quad core you could have a windows machine with the same specs, a professional DAW, Monitor speakers, and a sound interface. I guess that there are those hard core Mac fans though that are willing to pay big $$$$……. :shock: