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Actually you really do not need a mac. :shock:

Yeah. +1

I’m late coming to this convo, so I’m sorry about that, but let me give you my professional opinion of hardware and software from a 20+ year IT veteran.

I hope that you do not take what I say lightly here, because I try to have a broad and deep understanding of things before I talk about it or make serious claims. My knowledge of these programs is on another level than most people realize. I’m such a quick learner that, well, I published a programming article when I was 15.

When I look at software, most people do not realize, that my extensive background has me already familiar with just about every idea out there. That I’m sizing up the program the very second I see it, and evaluating how it would be capable of tasks great and small. I see things most people tend to miss.

That said, yes, it would seem that I am biased. I support and recommend only a few things as I see their superiority over other products, not only in a technical sense, but also in practice and usability.

I know that other products will give you good results, but if you want to know the shortest distance from point A to point B and get the best quality you can find, you just so happen to get both by going the same route. Plus it happens to be the more inexpensive way too.

I don’t use a program based on what money or hardware I have either. I prayed about this too and it was an answer to prayer.

So I see many of you saying FruityLoops or FL Studio. I can’t help but chuckle at the thought that it is misunderstood even by some of you still. Why is it “FruityLoops” still? The product that Image-Line put out when it was at version 5 (Now at nearly 10), was great, but far different from what it is today. It’s called FL Studio.

Speaking of misunderstood – most people associate FL with beat making and patterns. If you had even the briefest of a little more advanced tutorial or training on it, you’d find that it’s just there for looking retro. Most of us wouldn’t sequence using the old school patterns. The power that FL has over Reason and Ableton is the piano roll. Now the latest one is more amazing than ever and it was already head and shoulders above the piano roll features of Logic and Cubase/Nuendo or ProTools.

Most assume that FL is simply for making beats or only electronic music. I shall dispel that myth as well. While it excels at this capability, it is also lesser known that it is set up to be a full blown multi-track recording software, far more powerful than any other multi-track software I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot over about the last 17 years.

When you combine this knowledge with the hardware information I’m going to give to you, we find that the most amazing setup is simply a PC with FL Studio and third party plugins.

While Macs look very pretty and have lots of power inside, it’s like dunamis says, if the software running on it can’t take advantage of that hardware, then it isn’t doing as much good. I have used Macs and find that they don’t need all of the specs in order to do what they are made for half the time. The Mac OS doesn’t run at full utilization of Intel’s advanced capabilities. Aside from that, the software which runs on said OS is only capable of using what the OS makes available to it, and in this case, developers for Mac software have been a bit hindered. Therefore they don’t make their programs do as much. That’s why there’s the impression that Macs run software so much more smoothly, besides the fact that a lot of people tend to make their older PCs do more and more because they are so powerful, and end up maxing it out and bogging down.

If I were to run Windows 7 (and I could) on a Mac, then it would be far faster and more powerful. I would have to if I had a Mac. I can’t stand to see all of that power going to waste. It’s basically a super expensive PC though, so what’s the point?

You may not be aware of this, but PCs can also run Mac OS. It would be a bummer though! :p

With virtualization these days, it technically is possible to get Ableton or FL Studio to run on a Mac, or Logic to run on a PC.

For the record, while it may seem not quite right by some, I don’t try demo versions of software. I just get limited too much, so I get the full versions and try them. So far, having tried all of said programs, only the two that I’ve actually paid for are what I would use.

I like Ableton Live and own a copy. I won’t use it too much though because essential parts of my production workflow are hampered by it’s interface. I think their implementation of a piano roll is only half-done. I don’t even have it installed anymore.

FL is far more misunderstood than I ever realize. Every time I think people must be using it and loving it, I see silly things said about it that I could have set straight if I were around for it. But people ARE using it and loving it. We seem to forget about the hundreds if not thousands of commercially signed musicians using it. These artists cross the whole spectrum of music genres, not just electronic music.

I can appreciate where graphite is coming from here. FL is great, and I’m glad to have an ally that sings it’s praises with me.

FL Studio is what I’d say is a culmination of the best workflows and methods put into one piece of software, opening up many variations and options for finding or making your own kind of workflow. Yes there’s a pattern sequencer if you dig it and want to use that. There’s also the advanced tools that pros have come to rely on.

As for the audio engine being of lower quality than other DAWs, that is entirely myth. You are free to compare the details and technical information on it, and usage tests and studies for yourself, which many are available on the FL forums.

Most people completely miss that FL’s advanced audio engine is capable of much higher technical specs than any other DAW. The settings are in there, but you likely overlook them or don’t understand what they are.

Yes, FL I’d fairly easy to begin learning on, but the depth of FL is more like Photoshop as opposed to MS Paint or The Gimp. What you don’t know, you can make up for and learn through many tutorials, or by dissecting any of the many great included project songs, or by reading a book, or forums, or getting somebody to show you.

Graphite, I think we might want to collaborate on making some videos that show and fairly compare typical production workflow methods within each of these programs. Maybe start an FL Apologetics campaign, since most people are missing out on it’s pwnage and awesomeness.

Yes, I’m afraid maybe this thread is now an FL discussion, and I may end up having to move this to a new topic. Lol.