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Well lot of you still keep forgetting one thing. At the end of the day, no matter how many features or lack thereof a program has, it still has to make the connection between our creative mind/spirit and technology to produce an idea/track.

We can give positives and negatives of program and compare features, but still up to a person to make the decision on what works for them.

I’m sorry, not a lot of people can buy whole bunch of programs and decide which works best. I may have, but not everyone so I still suggest demos.

FL Studio and Reaper from what I’ve seen are great for starting and CAN be the main program of choice after a person gets a little training and experience under their producing belt and learn the studio lingo.

Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing a demo of FL doing multi-track recording since last I looked it was not as easy to get around as others are.

Ableton is still a great program as well, really like to know why you count it out that bad. And if you’re adventurous adding Max for Live really takes Live up a notch allowing for more customization for workflow.

For suggesting programs, like Jason, based off experience. After being in EDM after these many years, I’ve found myself suggesting multi-track programs less and less.

Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, and Nuendo are great programs and you can produce some music with it but I’ll leave it to those that like those types, like Mac’s or are recording a multi-piece band.

my .02 on the matter