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@JoeYescas wrote:

Hi, is there any professional DJ that uses Ableton? I’m afraid people make fun of you in saying it is too easy for making a living. Also, can good Benny Benassi electro be produced in Ableton?

@LiteRush wrote:

Hi, yeah there are tons of professional DJs in electronic music that use ableton… actually why I started using it. Some of my favorites like Kaskade, Morgan Page, Gabriel & Dresden, Armin, Deadmau5, use it to produce, however there are a lot more that use Live on stage… along with hardware as well. Benny Benassi uses Logic, Reason & Pro Tools mainly, but quality electro can absolutely be made in Ableton. People really don’t realize how complex Ableton is to use, you can do way more then it looks like on the surface with it. The famous Swedish House Mafia filter sweeps (which sound very Benny Benassi) is made in Ableton, and Daft Punk’s World tour was ENTIRELY ran off of Ableton :)

Actually if you’re still unsure that just because Benny didn’t use Ableton to produce most of his music – I think you’ll like this video. Somebody completely made Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” in Ableton – check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4uR2Vr8DLw

Also if you want a list of what DJs use Ableton to produce check this out: http://www.ableton.com/pages/artists/list


@djdunamis wrote:

Yes and Yes. For program to use, people use what works well with them or what they can afford. Just about every program mentioned in this thread, someone can make an electro track out of it. Also plenty of artists, DJ’s use it as well. I know some local guys that good well with it.

I found this video today while looking, thought it might interest you