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Pro-Tools- starts at $300 for interface and software and goes up to thousands of dollars (have to use pro-tools interface or some models of MOTU support pro-tools M-Powered). Keep in mind to get good plugins at least for version 7 you would have to spend hundreds of dollars to start getting professional plugins (my dad spent $1,000 to get the needed plugins). I personally think this is stupid especially for what you pay for. Many other interfaces offer better quality for a cheaper price. This is probably the industry standard in America for professional studios, but if you are looking to make beats I would not go for this software. Then again I’ve only tried version 7. Version 8 came out and is suppose to have a lot more plugins and instruments. You also need certain hardware on your computer to make sure it is compatible.

Just to update this and what I said earlier, with the release of Pro Tools 9, it is not tied to any hardware anymore, just need an ilok. With the release of version 8 and 9, you do get a good bit of effects and some instruments.

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I always get a hoot out of reading these “What Software Should I use for producing?” threads.


I’m the ONLY one that I know of that used Cakewalk Project5. Cakewalk stopped making it last year, and I’ve bought Cakewalk Sonar but have yet to learn how to use it. All my music is made using Project5.

sup dude, long time no see. I get a laugh out of these sometimes too. I wanna say Dave Richards might of used it before going to Sonar and then Ableton Live.

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If your looking for easy, go for FL studio…

that is if you have three monitors. Which is what I remembered about FL after opening it other day. Great program, free updates, but need three monitors just to keep the three main ones open and be able to work.