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Jesus taught us to Love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.
To love our neighbor as ourself.

All People need Love, To feel complete.

Before we come into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, we are running around blind. Different people find different ways to fill their lives, their hearts, their minds with what they think is love. Cars, Houses, Money, Sex, Drugs, the list of evil could go on. Speaking on the Rave Culture, A lot of Party Kids are searching for love in all the wrong places.

When you take something the enemy has used for destruction….

And you pray, ask God to guide you in cleaning it up, ask God to use it for the Glorification of his son Jesus and to bring Glory to God, ask God to use it to bring Souls to Christ. As long as You are led by The Holy Spirit, Once it is cleaned up, It can be used To Present The Gospel, To present Salvation through Jesus Christ, to those who are lost, as we once were. When you do this, as long as you are putting God First in all you do and giving God the Glory. God will Bless that situation, God will bless the work you do and other’s will be blessed by coming to know Christ.

My heart goes out to all people who are lost, but it really hurts for those caught up in the lies of the rave culture. 12 years ago I was a Party Kid, lost, with no hope, searching for Love in all the wrong places.

Praise God, he used different people to plant seeds, water seeds and God brought me out of the hell, the underground scene, the darkness I was dying in…. God brought me into the Light of Jesus. Once I fealt Real Love, Agape Love, that God and Christ had for me. There was no going back to the pain i fealt in the underground scene. Now it’s time to raise up, Be a Soldier and Serve God, so we may round up God’s Children, so Christ may Return. Pray and be ready for the Holy Spirit to guide you.