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HI! :D

From what I have learned from a good deal of debate and conversation is this. Seek the Lord in this matter in His word and find the truths about music that are spoken of all over the Bible, and also take in the wisdom and knowledge of those who have gone before you and weigh it before the Word.

I personally have already made my opinion pretty clear and that is, No I do not think it is ok to use music that was made for a different purpose other than glorifying the Lord. The song has already been published by a man in a fallen state, thus his music is fallen.

What your listeners need is a song in Spirit and in Truth, not just a catchy tune. The one thing that is going to deliver them is songs of deliverance from the hands and mouths of His people, not the fallen siren songs of an already broken and seeking generation, such as we all were at one time.

Again though, I encourage you to take the wisdom of each person here and then go before the Lord and seek His face on the matter. Spend time in prayer and seeking, as a DJ you are like a preacher in many ways. The music you mix will witness and impress the listeners that you are minstering to and possible affect them for the rest of their lives. It is a very serious yet joy filled calling.

Blessings on you brother and may the Lord send His grace to empower you every step of your journey!