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@diepsloot wrote:

Heres this vision that I had.
I now remember my ultimate purpose for joining this community of Djs/producers like yourselves.

I have this powerful impulse in me to challenge all of us to remember to pray for at least one non-christian dj/producer a week

We have been influenced by them
their music inspires us
their music moves us
their productions drive us to be creative
their skills challenge us to better levels
They dont know the creator
they dont have a saviour
maybe they dont know any christians who are praying for them or any who would want to pray for them.

I remember to pray for Sasha of sasha and digweed fame at least a couple times a month. I pray for lesser known guys like gui boratto.

This is our opportunity guys and girls, to move big big stroigholds in our beloved EDM culture. The Holy Spirit will move in the randomest ways. Jesus will appear to these guys. and (like Carrie Skipper) they will never be the same.

Can’t forget, we play their music as well.

I am all for the idea too.