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been workin my buns off shwew! its alot of work trying to get all this junk back to the states… also it is getting stupid hot again :-( today it was in the 100′s!! PLEH!!! as far as a date on getting back, im not allowed to disclose that exact information at the time… but i can tell you it should be around the last week of april to the first week of may. theres a chance that i may be moving from texas to washington too WOO!! the place i wanted to go in the first place! Hopefully it all goes smoothly and i get back to my fambilly asap! i miss my wifey and daughter oh so much :-( . as soon as i gt back ill be sure to buzz yall on teh iphone! you guys should hit me up with your cell numbers so i can irritate you 24/7! MUAHA especially you garry MUAHAHA!!!