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ok then I mostly use that when I’m trying to come up with a new song.. like when I’m walking down the street I’ll “harmonize” like I call with God. I use my prayers as a guideline and try to come up with a tune.. I guess that’s called melody.. for instance right now I’m feeling really out of touch so I use this prayer to get going..

Father God in Heaven,
Just want to come to right now in prayer,
Thank you for you unfailing patience,
ANd All that Love you shared,
When you sent your son to die for me,
ON the cross at Cal-very,
From the bondage of sin you set me free,
ANd gave me back some dignity,
OF life and death you said to me,
LIve a life of purity,
Purify you Heart,
Purify your mind,
Purify your life,
and God will be devine.

but anyway here is the ground work for the resistance..


and I’m using dell