Re: Roll Call! (Sign up)



final price on the rooms was 78.50 a night!

so the goal was to put 4 in a room but the problem is we have 5 girls (non married) that need a room and 10 guys (non married).

so…we have two options…

#1 put 5 in a room (one on a roll out bed) and that would drop the room price to $15.70 a person per night


#2 get two extra rooms. one guys and one girls and move 2 guys and 2 girls into the new rooms leaving 3 girls in one room 2 in the other and 4 guys in the two old rooms and 2 guys in the new room. if we did this option then what we would have to do (since theres not an even # of ppl in each room) is take the total cost for all the rooms and divide by the # of ppl staying in them so everyone pays equal. and by my calculations that would be $26.15 a night per person.

i’ll leave this up to you guys…maybe we’ll vote on it but lets wait and see if we get any more last minute guests. this would help option #2 be less expensive.