Re: Roll Call! (Sign up)



so heres the new hotel situation. the rooms are still $80.00 a night but now we have only 6 guys coming and 4 girls. (not counting the 3 sets of married couples).

that means 1 girls room and either 3 guys in 2 rooms or somehow try to pack everyone in one room. also to make things more complicated some people are there for 3 nights and some are there for 4 nights so…

its going to break down like this.

the rooms are $80.00 a night. however many people are in that room divide $80 by that number and thats what you’ll owe.

thats the best way i can think of doing it unless someone has a better suggestion.

also we have 2 or 3 pending guys that may be coming so that could help fill a second room but i won’t know for a couple of days on them so this is where we are at right now.