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@ DevoutRebellion, definately looking forward to hearing your mix and thank you for the love, encouragement and respect. Praise God he is using The Sawadee Sound System to encourage others. I’m sure I can speak for the rest of the Crew when I say that we all really dig to DJ and mix, however with drum n bass, most of the tracks are dark in nature. Jazzy, Melodic, Atmospheric Drum N Bass is a rare gem.

Speaking from my own experience, there have been many times I ask God if he truly wants me to mix Drum N Bass. I grew up on the sound, my electronic roots will always be there, however I am only concerned about my Spiritual Roots. Regarding future mixes, I can only pray that God will be given All of the Glory, Jesus will be preached and His Holy Spirit will speak to everyone that hears the mix. Big Up and God Bless You Brother.

DJ Ryan Goode