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So what about acts 2 and the day of pentecost? I might be reading the wrong bible cause my bible says that people thought the apostles where drunk. All so that when Holy Spirit came as a rushing wind that they where speaking in tounges. All so the enemy is into conterfet so wouldn’t he make something fake happen to discredit Jesus. Yes I have fallen down and have been “drunk in the Spirit.” I have all so messed around with the acult and witchcraft. Nothing was the same as feeling God run through my body. Could the enemy fake that? Sure, but there was a life change that made me seek God that much more. The manafestion lead me to seek God. Yes the people who got there hands laid on by the guru had a life change too, but did it lead to repentance, or lead to Jesus. Biblical prinples work no matter where or who they are applied by. laying on of hands is important in the new testament. Paul laid hands on Timothy who reciceved Holy Spirit. Just something I noticed.