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As I see it – there are two questions here… and one pitfall.

The pitfall is this, we should never never base doctorine on feelings, or anything other than the Bible. Satan loves to mimic God, and does. He can mimic godly feelings as well. He can use feelings to make us feel loving, or self-righteous and condemn things we shouldn’t, or use the same feelings make us defend things that are evil.

The Bible says it is a lamp unto our feet. It helps us not to stumble (spiritually) over things we can’t see. On questions like this, the first thing that pops into our mind should be “well, what does the Bible say”. Does this mean we shouldn’t feel? By no means, but emotions and feelings need to be in their proper place – and leading us spiritually isn’t it.

When the Bible is silent on an issue, it usually has no spiritual significance. The Bible doesn’t put limitations on music. We are to worship and praise God “creatively” – but that is without limitation. We do need to be careful in that a lot of secular (and Christian) music ultimately is praising the world or it’s ideals.

The second question is – can God use the work of seculars? In the old testament God used heathen sailors to bring Jonah under conviction, the Isrealites used the whetstones of their enemies to sharpen their own swords, and in the new testament God used an Isrealite priest to rescue the disciples from a death sentance… so yes, God is powerful enough to use secular music.

So, to answer the question in a long and drawn out way :oops: I don’t see in the scriptures where there is anything wrong with playing secular music side by side with gospel – as long as the secular music isn’t promoting worldly ideas.