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I have very strong thoughts on marriage. I believe that marriage was created to give a natural representation of what Christ’s relationship is to be with the church. Christ as the covering, the lover, the headship…where the church loves back, submits, to be holy and blameless. Eph 5. Christ as the Husband, the Church as the Wife. The wife is equal but has a different role. Just as the Church is submissive yet still children of God. I could go on…If marriages followed that design many more would stay together. Christian marriages might be an example to marriages across the nation!

Something that I was told that being in marriage I have recognized: being single lets you get close to God, being married makes you like God.

I know that can be taken different ways but I have definitely become more like God, and still growing! since marriage :D

This went a little off the first post, but I love the biblical topic of marriage!