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The Procussions are top notch if you like some of the more intelligent/jazzy hip hop. They even do a colab with Talib Kwali. I don’t know if he is specifically christian but they are. They make waves in the secular scene and get much respect. Also check out manafest. He does a colab with skillet that is sick!

I’m not a top notch hip hop DJ by any means. DJing hip hop involves sharp cuts much like Dunamis implied by relating it to drum & bass. I have done some sick mixes with a Pete Rock vocals over a David Carbone Jungle track so the two can be mixed together well. I need to put some mixes together and get them on the board but I’ve been super busy with family, ministry, and two jobs. I have an Electro Hop set I’m programming but I just haven’t had the time to get it done! I love to scratch also. I used to watch Terry Mullen scratch to Acid House back in the day in Chi Town. I like blending hip hop and edm. Hopefully I can get some time in the studio in to put a couple sets down soon.