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I like to dig into the word is all. Also there is a whole vein of knowledge in mainline christianity that has beliefs that are not based soundly on scripture or holy tradition. Ex. “God helps those who helps themselves”. I have heard many christians state that thinking it is from the bible when it is not. It comes from a spirit of poverty and independance but since they heard a Pastor preach that from the pulpit they take it for truth. I scarcely understand people who do not seek to deepen their faith with wisdom and understanding form God. Especially given the education and literacy level of most people today. There is a difference between having a childlike faith and a childish faith. We are not meant to be milk fed for our entire christian lives but able to chew on the meat of the word.

Something the Lord has shown me is that “My people perish for a lack of knowledge” and “Knowledge puffs up”. We will pay for ignorance in one way or another so we need to seek wisdom and understanding from God. Yet we have to be careful not to become “puffed up” because of this knowledge. Because “pride comes before a fall”. That is where keeping a “childlike” faith comes into play. But remember childlike faith does not indicate an immature faith. Balance is the key in the seeming paradoxes of the scriptures.

Sharing these type of spiritual discussions will cause us to be sharpened like iron if done with the right attitude and context.