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Dunamis you are on the right track. Our names have been written in it since the beginning. At the foundations of the universe.

Revelation 13:8
You really have to study it and check it out in different translations. Because it seems like the scripture is stating that the Lamb being slain was decided at the foundations of creation. But the Son was with the Father before the foundations of the earth and knew He would be slain. The deciding that the lamb was to be slain was not taking place at the foundation of creation. I believe that the lamb’s book of life was written at the foundation of creation. And yes, our God wrote everyone’s name in it because it has always been His will that everyone live forever with Him. But some would choose the path of perdition and thus have their name blotted out forever. So we have to work hard to have our name blotted out.

I believe that when we give up the ghost and we have overcome by grace through faith proven by good works ordained by Christ we will have passed the test and our name will not be erased. We know that there will be some who will have prophesied and worked miracles through God who will be erased. So evidently it is a race that we must run through until the end. I think that is why Paul stated we must walk out our salvation with fear and trembling.