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I don’t believe that any name is blotted out until your race is finished. One could be apostate (falling away from truth) and be restored back through repentance as long as one has air in his/her lungs. Our names were written in the lamb’s book of life from the foundations of the world. That is before mankind was even created! I think that is totally awesome!

This agrees with,
before you were in the womb I knew you and that God’s will is that everyone should inherit eternal life. Not all will inherit that. Not because it wasn’t God’s plan but because of their choice.

Is it not love that God would write everyone’s name in the book knowing that some would not pursue Him only to be blotted out? Also, that He did not create hell for mankind but for the angels that rebelled. Don’t get me wrong, if we buy into satan’s plan then we will join him there but God did not create hell for us.

His will has always been love for us. I just think that it is a great revelation to know that. Too many people picture a God that created hell for us. That was never His plan for mankind. People need to understand that.