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@Monster Baby wrote:

I have a mental disability.. It’s called skitzofrena .. I hear voices and have very intense dreams. As long as I’m on my meds you’ll never know I have a problem unless I drink caffine.

Here’s the delema, how do I know I am not having some sort of spiritual experience. For instance the other day I had a dream and the voice said “we must never mention your name again” and in my frustration I said “man that’s just some skitzo voice” and then the voice said “oh your dad” and I saw an image of a fire. So I came on the net and wrote my name. The next day the voice said “the memory of you is lost”. Is this really God talking to me or do I need to seek spiritual counciling??

i have a similar problem. i have bipolar schizoaffective disorder. some doctors have thought i had just schizophrenia before, some thought it was just bipolar some think it’s a bit of both

luckily i dont hear voices. but i get verrrrrrrrrrrry high. sometimes i think im a prophet. even Jesus at times…but there have been times ive had subtle visual hallucinations. like i’d see things in the distance moving around when they arent. or my visual perception of faces would be totally twisted (not in the literal sense, just in their facial expressions get exaggerated). i also misinterpret small innocent gestures during those phases

unfortunately when psychosis settles in i end up in hospital. my average stay is about 4-6 weeks. yikes

im currently on 1000mg of epilim/sodium valproate a day for the mood disorder side of things (so i wont go too high or too low)

and im also on 7.5mg of zyprexa/olanzapine so i wont go psychotic…
but they’re going to ween me off this and eventually i will be off it for good

good luck brother (or sister… but most schizophrenics ive known have been overwhelmingly male)