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@JBradintheghetto wrote:

I totally agree! There’s so much going on and the western world is sooo oblivious to most of it, although, from what I’ve heard the demonic realm is much more active in other parts of the world. Quite often too, a demon would diguise itself as something nice, comforting and familiar (the spirit of a relative for example). Satan knows how to twist his lies so that it looks like truth, even to a point where it looks Christian friendly. That’s why it’s so important to read the Bible frequently and double check everything you hear. Especially today when a new New Age idea pops up every minutes and is endorsed by Oprah :o . So many of these open doors for demons and satan’s lies to slip in. They can be very comforting and give you a lot of good things in this life, but still lead you away from Christ.

The idea you’ve brought up really made me question what I was doing with EDm in my life. I was totally worried I was just clinging on to Satan’s lies after being saved and slowly being brought back into a life of sin. Then I found God’s DJs! :D

You know I read what you wrote shortly after posted it and I have no idea why it’s taken me this long to respond, so I apologize about that. I really liked what you had to say. It is so true. I love the Bible and its message but it’s not always clear and with Satan taking the truth and twisting is just a little bit off to where we don’t even recognize the alteration, it’s scary. I’ve heard that if you’re not careful Satan can use scripture against us. I think that’s where hardcore religious people misquote the Bible or its meaning to judge and persecute people.

It is a constant battle against the sinful nature, being bombarded everyday with the worlds ways and it shows no mercy. One thing that has given me comfort is when a close friend told me for one that where ever God is demons are not, hence when we pray or read the Bible or WORSHIP :) and also, that we know Jesus has already won the war. Another thing that helps me and keeps me on guard is that Satan isn’t just a co-worker I don’t get along with, or an atheist preaching against God, he is someone who wants to kill me and wants my soul and will do whatever it takes to not let me serve and reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

I thank you very much for your post and sharing your heart a bit. I also liked the Oprah comment haha Take care and God Bless JBradintheghetto