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Unfortunately JBrad, this is a horrible misconception – that demonic activity is more active elsewhere. Couldn’t be farther from reality. It is the Western world what has been a concentrated focus of demonic attack for centuries, largely due to our Christian heritage. The “rest” of the pagan world is exactly that . . . separated from God, thus it’s Satan’s objectives to separate those seeking Him. Our condition of oblivion is merely our depravity . . . a social conditioning. God identifies His “people” as dying because of a lack of knowledge. We are complacently sitting back in our depravity and neither understanding or motivated to “take the bull by it’s horns.”

I think i used the wrong words. What i mainly meant was that satan and his demons do better at hiding in this half of the world making it so we don’t recognize them, although im sure in other parts of the world they dont know any better either.
In anycase, I had a recnt encounter with a demon. Although i do believe I can never be demon posessed as a follower of Christ, I still believe very much that i can be domonized as long as i open a little door for the enemy to get in. In any case, I’ve been having a lot of very negative thoughts lately, and I was starting to think i was clinically depressed. It certainly wouldnt be the first time this has happened to me, but is the first time since i gave my life to Christ (about 4 months ago). My girlfriend was visiting from out of town and sleeping in my sisters room and my mood was seriously effecting our relationship, and we went to bed really upset. so i prayed that God would show what was wrong and how to fix it and while i was still praying i hear my girlfriend coming down the stairs so i quickly finished up my prayer and she came in and we started talking. I finally told her about some of the self destructive thoughts i was having. It was really scary looking back because as i was thinking about hurting myself, it didnt even bother me. I knew it was wrong, but i didnt feel bothered by the idea. At that point, she told me that it wasnt me and that i need to let go of whatever was in there. She prayed for me that the whatever negatives ties i had in myself be broken and while she was doing that i felt whatever it was shudder. The name of Jesus seriously scared this thing. then she left me my room to pray alone and partially because she was scared. I struggled with it for about another hour just telling it to leave me, and asking God to protect me.
Since then (about 3 days ago) I havent had any of these thoughts, and i feel so light. I’ve been dancing around and smiling again. It’s so amazing to see how awesome God is and how he answers my prayers. He blows my socks off constantly with his faithfulness even when i’m stumbling and my faith is wavering.
Vigilance is so important. We cannot afford to be relaxed as Christians. Always be on your gaurd and put on the armor of God every day.