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As some of you may know and some of you may not know I work with troubled youth and they have many disorders. But I have started to work with a new young man over the past couple of months that I have seen the demon in him. So I have to be very careful around this young man always asking Jesus to protect me and also praying when I leave work that nothing has clung on to me.

I do believe in another realm were there is a battle going on around us. It is not just happening in other countries but it is happening in our work places and in our homes. We live in a world that plays with fire everyday with the music we listen too, down to what we watch on TV.

Now I think this is were our discernment comes into play and asking for it and listening to the spirit when we feel like something is not or has a heavy enemy influenced base and we need to ask for the protection and ask for war angles to stand by our sides like big spiritual bouncers.

I know when mixing this music I could be playing with fire, But it is hard when I feel led too. I pray that I am not listening to the wrong person…

Blessing all

That is my 2 cents