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Sorry if that was too un-informative. I was hyper excited when I wrote it… simply put… I am just getting started in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. That said I am an event coordinator and representative of the international energy drink company known as XS energy. The full wieght of that title as I am discovering is that I can do vendership and authorize sponsorship as well as partnership to any persons/groups/or causes that I deem worthy. I am developing my own contract and will be able to utilize this ability to further my mission of building God’s kingdom. I want to support what all you are doing any way I can and so I am offering to sponsor DJ’s from this site that might want to take advantage of being back by an international company. If you need proof of legitimacy you can look over things here — http://www.xsblast.com. or here– https://www.facebook.com/#!/xsnation. Now this is an overview and I will need need some legit proof of skill and reputation before I will discuss the concept any further. If you are interested please PM inbox me so we can chat more about it off the page.