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Hey guys thank you all for the input and advice, it’s been quite helpful. This has been a very important lesson for me and one I asked for. I asked God to break me down and build me back up in Him so that I could truly understand what loving God meant. He’s been impressively faithful to me, and it never ceases to amaze me how He answers my prayer. I believe I was made numb because I told God that I wanted to learn to love Him more than anything. That night it felt like I didn’t have any love. I also had lost he passion I had for djing for the last few weeks. I was leaning on music instead of God, and taking that passion away made me realize i didnt love God nearly enough. Yesterday the floodgates opened and it was beautiful. I feel so energized, and I’m mixing again. I’m learning to love and praise God in all situations. I’m learning to be happy with nothing to hold onto but God, and it feels awesome. It’s a long and narrow road, I just hope I’m one of the few that find it.


Thanks again for the advice guys, it really means a lot.

Ps. I’ll add you guys on skype right now.