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Those books look amazing, I may have to check some of those out myself.

I personally have a subscription to Computer Music Magazine which has tutorials for production techniques in all genres. There is usually at least 2 or 3 synthesis articles alone, and on the dvd with each issue is the beginners guide to Computer music production, which comprise several feature articles they had in a series of issues, and include the topics, Audio & Sampling, Effects, MIDI, Mixing, and Synths. There is also a large collection of great freeware synths and effects on the disk.

In addition you could look into http://www.dubspot.com who has an online certification course in synthesis and sound design, they offer that both online and at their facility in NYC if you are near there. The program is centered on NI Komplete 7 which is great since by learning synthesis techniques on those synths and samplers should cover the various types of synthesis that is available from FM, Subtractive, Additive, and Sample based synthesis. As well as Reaktor which gives you modular synthesis. I am probably going to take the online course sometime before the end of this year.

God bless bro, and have fun making new sounds.