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FBC Tech Notes

Building a Mix

-starting from the vox
-starting from the rhythm section- *probably the best*

Kick- lowest frequency. Kick ideal 30-32 Hz, reality might be 48-53 Hz. 50 Hz feel the shock wave feel percussive. More funk bebop 30 Hz vibrates internal body parts. Kick- attack, frequency changes depending on mallet. Attack at 2-4 kHz general area, 3-4kHz unless felt mallet on a lamb skin. Mix the bass and the kick together on the bottom end of their register.

Bass- 315 Hz masking frequency. Hides everything 630 Hz and other higher frequencies. Problems with all bass. Cut 315 Hz 3 or 4 dB. Bass might cut even more at 315Hz 6 to 12 dB. Overlap kick and bass on 30-32 Hz. High end content 1.6 to 10 kHz, this includes finger noise and harmonic content. Probably cut 800 Hz because it is a honky sound.

Piano- 315 Hz and 630 Hz are problems, cut these. Hi pass filter rolling of 80Hz down. Put dips around 1.2/1.6 for male vox, 1.6 or 2kHz, for female vox.

Guitar- 630Hz-3.15kHz. Get rid of 315Hz. 200Hz don’t touch its the meaty part of the electric guitar. Normally don’t remove the high end. Keep the high end. 3.15kHz causes timpani muscle to contract to preserve hearing; 6.3kHz also has same problem.

Vox- cut out of 630Hz and 3.15kHz.

Phase cancellation- not a problem at low end but on high because of wavelength.