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@dmitri_vaganov wrote:

I thank God that He did not give up on my yet. :)

AMEN! So many things to be thankful for about Christ.

Thankful for that, its been a rough past several years for me.

Thankful for family, friends, my church, having a job and a growing business, living in a free country, my health even though still overweight, roof over my head, food and transportation and be able to help those in need.

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Thank you for females, LORD! Though I recognize I can’t have one of my own yet, just… wow. Thank you. Warm, soft, heavenly smelling females with breathtaking voices… edit: did I mention soft? /sigh
Thank you for my compuuuuutttteeeerrrrr!

someone is girl crazy lol!!! What a dork!! :lol:

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-and yes I also appreciate warm, snuggly, soft females as well lol!!! :lol:


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I put up some statistics. In my opinion, around 1-3% of djs and producers are females. Since we have about 20-30 active members, that makes it that of those 30 people, .3-.9% are females. So that leaves us with a .3-.9% chance of any female reading this post, which means it’s statically impossible for a woman to read this thread!!!! :lol:

I digress :mrgreen:

LOL guys this made me laugh :lol: and graph, your statistic just flew out the window with LiteRush posting her post.