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This was a great post Science Drop. You should know, I was just kinda lurking the site, and I literally registered just to reply to this post. Guess I’m a member now :P .

I agree with everything above, and it really IS amazing that any of us are chosen by God! Furthermore, there definitely are far too many people being merely “religious” or “playing religion” as my Pastor likes to call it.

I am especially fond of experiential Christian anecdotes like this- they just hit the spot. The sort of observations or experiences that you might not be able to put your finger on an exact line of scripture to describe, yet they are inherently true for all regenerated believers.

PS: I purchased the FSOW compilation but I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet (had some trouble with downloading from the site, I’ll work it out soon). I look forwarded to checking out your track on there, as I’m dying for some good electronica that will keep my head out of my old raver-daze. Andy Hunter’s Exodus is on a virtually continual loop in my iPod and I definitely need something new… :P