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Wow Congrats on the job!!! Reading this, has given me hope… I’ve been waiting patiently for God to open up an amazing door at the right time for a full-time job, and I have an interview with the company i interned with for 2 months over the summer!! Where in Orlando are you at? My boyfriend grew up in Kissimmee and his whole fam is down there – we’ll be visiting down there eventually (hopefully over this harsh cold winter coming up!!) *yuck*) I’d love to get in touch with you and your wife whenever we decide to get down there for a week!!! :) God Bless you and your job!! – a cool thing I heard from a Pastor last week is that “when God puts you in situations in leadership positions, he’ll always surround you with people that can teach you – so you don’t have to pretend to know all the answers” (He was speaking in the context of work too!!!) I’m excited to hear that God has placed you as a VP! Wohoo!