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Aw man! I’m lovin’ this guys! I appriciate your scriptures we’re all bringing forth. I’m so glad I’m conversing with those who can bring me scripture for a baises of the majority of their beliefs! :D

If each of you don’t mind, let’s split up both topics into new forum pages.

Our subject of the importance of baptism will be brainlessly titled: “Is Baptism Important?”

And our subject of the three persons in the Godhead will be brainlessly titled: “Is there Three Persons In One?”

From here on out, I’d like to move to either of those two, for those who might be just joining in (as well as for the sake of Graphite412′s original forum topic). This way we can keep the spirit of confusion out, in Jesus’ name. Any time someone brings up a subject referring to one of the two opposite topics, that we now have, I’d appriciate any one of us to politely direct that person to the appropriate forum topic. Again, so that the spirit of confusion is kept out of each topic.

My new thoughts shall be on both of our new forum topics. See you there!