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Another interesting theological debate… Debates are fine, but when it becomes bickering which I am not saying it is, that’s where the line should be drawn. That is why there are so many denominations because of little doctrinal differences. With all of that being said, many receive Christ on their deathbed, and they end up in Heaven, or do they? They of course, have no chance of being baptized physically in that state of being. So in that sense is it necessary? Do we not enter the Kingdom if that “requirement” is not met? That would spark a fierce debate indeed.

This is an older thread… but still good. Nice beginning there graphite :)

ok lol, just thought of something. Jesus said the thief on the cross would be with him in paradise, and evidently, he was not baptized, but we don’t have his entire history, just the end result of his poor life choices.