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pWoaahhhh +1 Cool point for MR “frogb0tter”….Eire Abu :)

Yea,it really will be a momentous occasion like,cant wait.

Thanks a million,oh ill give you the link here. http://lifefm.ie/radio/
PS im on Saturday Night from 19:00-23:00 (GMT) if you wanted to give me a listen =P

Well,i havent really produced anything really worthwhile,just a few podcasts and mashups.
You’l find most stuff there,im big into Sharing and promoting Music that Glorifies God which is untypically “Christian”.Big into Holy Hip-Hop and Electronica…especially trance ;)

Cool to meet you anyway frogb0tter,ive been here quite a while now,just not so much in the past few months,Glad to see a new regular around =]