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Nobody can tell me that God has not called us into this scene. People like Terrence Parker, who told us that God uses him constantly in the club scene just by being there, or people like Mark Wholihan (member here) who was engulfed in all the vices that come along with that scene and now goes back into that scene on a regular basis to witness to people, they are LIGHT in the midst of DARKNESS. I have seen God do amazing things to people as we prayed with them in clubs or outside of clubs after being in the club all night. Where do we get off saying that we should never go somewhere because sin is there. WE ARE LIGHT! It is our COMMAND from Jesus to be that light, not light in light, that makes no sense, but light in darkness. Are you afraid of darkness, then go hide, but I am not afraid of darkness because Christ had given us everything we need to be LIGHT in DARKNESS! I am really tired of us Christians saying that we cant go there because sin has control there. WE ARE GODS CHILDREN! WE ARE COMMANDED TO BRING LIGHT ANY AND EVERYWHERE THAT DARKNESS HAS CONTROL!

Matthew 5:14 – You are the LIGHT of the world

Like Audicid said, the XXX church. They came to a youth rally we did last year and spoke. What if they had never gone into that realm? Im sure many people were telling them not too. But they have made a HUGE impact on that business because they are LIGHT shining in the midst darkness. GO SHED LIGHT!