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What to say…. What to say…. :?

I will definitely be adding a bookmark that goes directly to the forum page rather than going to godsdjs.com and navigating from there. I’m on a good, high-speed connection, and I had to wait 10 seconds for the menu to appear and then wait 17 more seconds for the video to load before I could click on anything in the menu to get where I wanted to go.

I think the wait is going to drive away the casual visitor. Can the video be streamed or something so that the menu is accessible without having to wait for the entire welcome video to download? The forum description page is better because I can click the “BROWSE FORUM & CHAT” button without having to wait on the video.

Also, an option to mute the audio would be nice.

Last thing I’ll say: Don’t loop the video on the home page. Just play it once. Sites that loop things like that seem sales-pitchy to me.

On the positive side, I am glad that the intro video didn’t come up again when I clicked “RETURN TO MAIN SITE SELECTOR”.