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Great post, alexw! Thanks for contributing those clear and complete points. I have to agree completely with you to the point of, again, stating I wasn’t saying God WANTED or WAS COOL with Israel using this method of ‘truth seeking’. The words Urim & Thummim actually do mean “truth” and “light”.
I entitled the thread God allowed divination mostly for shock value, but I made sure it wasn’t false.

BUT MY MAIN REASON in even bringing it up was to point out that many of the things we do today are forms of divination. Whenever we say, “well… I’m going to test God on this”… or “if ‘THIS’ happens instead of ‘THAT’ then I’ll know God’s will” we are actually falling prey to divination (example: drawing deacon nominees from a hat). Forcing God into an immediate decision (especially yes/no scenarios) is extremely wrong and is undoubtedly worse than the Jews using the ‘ordained’ urim & thummim. I use the word ‘ordained’ only to emphasize that I don’t mean ‘holy’.